Turning Smartphones into Powerful 3D Scanners

October 8, 2015 —

We’re excited to unveil our vision for democratizing the 3D ecosystem! This newly released video http://dacuda.com/3dvision shows how our software 3D camera technology can turn any phone into a powerful 3D scanner that brings 3D content creation capabilities to every consumer.

At TEDxCambridge in Boston, MA yesterday, we gave an exclusive preview of the technology. President of Dacuda USA Erik Fonseka says, “We are bringing 3D use cases that were previously only accessible with specialized 3D cameras now to every smartphone and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality headset”.

Selected parts of the software stack have been already featured in 3DAround, the world’s most popular 3D food photography app for iOS. Now, Dacuda takes this to the next level and has teamed up with leading industry players to bring new use cases to consumers. Dacuda will announce partnerships in the fourth quarter of 2015 that combine mobile 3D scanning with 3D printing, personalized avatars in gaming, and models for apartments & interior spaces.