Why Mobile VR Experiences are About to Get Much Better

May 24, 2016 —

What will make it better?
After enabling smartphone user to generate 3D avatars of themselves in real-time to either print, play in games or share into VR spaces we are excited to announce the release of our latest SLAM Scan® 3D based solution: A fully immersive VR experience for mobile phone users with 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF).

Why is this needed?
Today’s mobile VR solutions offer the limited 3 degrees of freedom (3DoF) which only allows users to look around, since only rotational movements of their head are sensed and transferred to the display. Translational movements like e.g. looking around a corner or moving closer to an object are not supported in today’s mobile VR solutions.
What is the advantage for the users?
With our fully immersive VR solution we are finally bringing the 6DoF to smartphone-based VR. Using a regular smartphone with our proprietary tracking algorithm, we have made it possible for anyone to freely walk and move through VR spaces and experience VR the way it is meant to be experienced – simply using a mobile phone. Our type of mobile room-scale VR experience is enabled by tracking all 6DoF and applying the most advanced computer vision algorithms to the built in standard camera.
Why is this different?
6DoF tracking was previously only available in high-end setups such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which use external components that are cumbersome to set up and expensive. We achieve this same type of 6DoF experience with our latest version of the SLAM Scan® 3D engine.
What is the set-up?
In our solution, we use an iPhone 6 in a Zeiss VR One headset and the SteamVR game ‘theBlu’ to demo just how well this works and it looks absolutely fantastic.
How can you benefit?
Take a look at the video below and see for yourself! Wouldn’t you like to experience virtual reality at a price point that doesn’t break the bank? We at Dacuda believe everyone should get a chance to play in these new virtual worlds.


If you want to experience our fully immersive VR experience for mobile yourself, please stay tuned for the E3 Expo in LA, where we will be showing off our solution live!



Check out what UploadVR had to say about our solution: http://uploadvr.com/dacuda-3d-scanning/