VR Dacuda

First Swiss-US VR Summit

October 6, 2016 —

The probably biggest VR week of the year had a great start with the First Swiss-US VR Summit at swissnex San Francisco! We really enjoyed the keynote by Praveen Gupta (HTC) and great demos by World VR Forum, Labster, apelab, OZWE, Nomoko, and Dacuda that made the evening a big success.



Michael Mangan, Sr. Director@Qualcomm



Praveen Gupta, Corp Development and ViveX@HTC



Michael Bodekaer, Founder@Labster



Salar Shahna, Co-Founder@World VR Forum


The vision behind the Swiss-US VR Summit is to bring together the best companies in Virtual Reality from Switzerland here in the heart of San Francisco.

The event was hosted by Swissnex San Francisco at the beautiful Pier 17 venue. We also used the event to celebrate our lead customer MindMaze for our 6-DoF tracking technology.

SF Dacuda VR Summit





Big thanks to our partners ZEISS and MSI for supporting us for the demos!

Thank you to everyone who attended the first Swiss-US VR Summit. We loved making new friends and seeing our 6-DoF tracking technology in action in your hands. Stay tuned!



Marc Jackson, CFO@Apelab Seahorn Capital