Dacuda Announces Focus on Productivity Solutions and Divestment of the 3D Division

February 14, 2017 —

In its ongoing effort to provide customer oriented software solutions based on the most advanced computer vision technologies, Dacuda is refocusing its product portfolio on their well known Productivity Solutions. Dacuda boasts a successful eight year track record in B2B solutions, with products such as the world’s first Scanner Mouse and the world’s fastest mobile ID Reader. The customers of Dacuda are active in a broad area of high growth industries like Telecommunication, e-Banking, e-Government and Transportation, applying Dacuda software solutions to ‘read’ content in the most fastest way for further integration into a customer oriented end-to-end solution. Dacuda partners include well known players such as Sunrise, Crealogix, Unisys, and SITA. “We are excited about this update of our business strategy, as it allows us to refocus our activities for immediate customer benefit and expand our role as a long term partner for companies who are looking for efficiency and productivity gains”, says Michael Born, Founder of Dacuda.

As part of this recent refocusing effort, Dacuda has divested its 3D scanning assets. “The leading developments of Dacuda in this field have gained lots of attraction and we have chosen an American high technology company that is looking forward to leveraging our advancements in the 3D space”, says Dr. Peter Weigand, CEO of Dacuda.

Three things you need to know about Dacuda’s presence at CES 2017

December 12, 2016 —

As the new year approaching, Dacuda and ZEISS recently announced their presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the most well-known annual tradeshow in the world taking place in Las Vegas, NV, from January 5 — 7, 2017.

Dacuda and ZEISS will introduce the world’s first room-scale VR experiences running on standard smartphones and the ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset at their booth: LVCC, South Hall 2 – 26429.

What should you be expecting from Dacuda’s presence? What is the partnership between Dacuda and ZEISS? Why should customers care? The three sneak peeks below are your answers:


  • Room-scale Virtual Reality Experience is Mobile-friendly.


Dacuda’s SLAM Scan® 3D engine brings 6DoF inside-out tracking to any smartphone and enables consumers to experience 6 degrees of freedom in VR. The ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset offers the best optics among mobile and desktop VR headsets. Partnering Dacuda’s tracking technology with the ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset, you can carry your VR experience anywhere you want!  


  • It is easy to use on smartphones and requires no setup.


Dacuda’s inside-out tracking engine has achieved an ultra-low 5ms algorithmic latency on standard iPhones, which will be demonstrated in a demo along with other mobile VR titles with room-scale VR.  The ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset is the only headset on the market that requires no configuration to one’s individual interpupillary distance. Your VR experience will soon to be upgraded to the room-scale level!


  • It is the most cost-efficient solution.


To make VR accessible to more customers, Dacuda bets on a solutions that integrates the camera, display, and computing capabilities of smartphones. When combined with a ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset on a recent smartphone, the quality of the virtual reality experience is similar to that of a desktop VR headset. Simply put, you pay a fraction of the price of a high end Desktop VR headset for the truly immersive room-scale VR experience. Just think of all the things you can do with the money you’ll save. Are you as excited as we are?  

Press Release: http://dacuda.com/dacuda2015wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/161201_Final_Version_ZEISS_Press_Release.pdf

Dacuda at the Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit

October 18, 2016 —

Dacuda is taking part and exhibiting at the Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong.  We are beyond excited to join the conversation with device manufacturers, operators, software, and hardware tech elites from all over the world, to discuss and strategize market trends and technology developments.


What are we showing at the Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit?

Have you realized that your smartphone has the potential to function as a 3D scanner? 3D Scan the world around you using just your smartphone!

Our CEO, Dr. Peter Weigand, will give a talk at the Summit at 13:50 – 14:10 pm, Oct 19th, titled “Software to turn standard smartphones into 3D scanners”. Naturally, we are also present with a Booth where we are demonstrating our 3D Scanning capabilities with the latest Android hardware, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Stop by if you are in the area, we would be happy to have you give it a try!


Why do I need to 3D Scan with my Smartphone?

We are on the mission to make 3D experiences accessible to every consumer by making 3D sensing as easy as taking video. We focus on computer vision to redefine the capabilities of smartphone cameras with real-time 3D algorithms. We help scale existing 3D use cases to consumers with app-based scanning and novel experiences for augmented and virtual reality.

First Swiss-US VR Summit

October 6, 2016 —

The probably biggest VR week of the year had a great start with the First Swiss-US VR Summit at swissnex San Francisco! We really enjoyed the keynote by Praveen Gupta (HTC) and great demos by World VR Forum, Labster, apelab, OZWE, Nomoko, and Dacuda that made the evening a big success.



Michael Mangan, Sr. Director@Qualcomm



Praveen Gupta, Corp Development and ViveX@HTC



Michael Bodekaer, Founder@Labster



Salar Shahna, Co-Founder@World VR Forum


The vision behind the Swiss-US VR Summit is to bring together the best companies in Virtual Reality from Switzerland here in the heart of San Francisco.

The event was hosted by Swissnex San Francisco at the beautiful Pier 17 venue. We also used the event to celebrate our lead customer MindMaze for our 6-DoF tracking technology.

SF Dacuda VR Summit





Big thanks to our partners ZEISS and MSI for supporting us for the demos!

Thank you to everyone who attended the first Swiss-US VR Summit. We loved making new friends and seeing our 6-DoF tracking technology in action in your hands. Stay tuned!



Marc Jackson, CFO@Apelab Seahorn Capital



Dacuda Immersive VR Event in Zürich

October 5, 2016 —

We have had a great evening with more than 100 guests on October 4 in Zurich @Salotto to celebrate for lead customer MindMaze, the neuro-tech VR/AR unicorn, for Dacuda’s 6DoF tracking engine. Our team proudly presented the latest demo of Dacuda 6DoF VR tracking solution and all our guests got a chance to immerse themselves in the virtual reality world just with a normal smartphone.


Everyone is amazed and getting excited about the upcoming launch of MindMaze MMI powered by Dacuda’s SLAM Scan 6DoF room-scale tracking technology in combine with MindMaze’s neurotechnology.


dacuda vr event zurich

MindMaze partners with Dacuda to Democratize Mobile Room-Scale and Social Virtual Reality Experiences

October 4, 2016 —

Imagine a world where anyone with a smartphone can experience instant fully immersive virtual reality with six degrees of freedom for VR and AR content. Emote, Walk, Jump, Crouch… uninhibited, untethered…