Since our technology relies on ordinary smartphone cameras, we can bring 3D scanning to millions of users without changing their hardware. Unlike hardware depth cameras, our solution operates at any focal length and is able to capture 3D objects indoors as well as outdoors. In addition, our resolution runs in real time on the device and scales with available computing power. Today we already exceed the resolution of semi-professional depth cameras.

Our SLAM Scan® technology is already used in over 1M devices and has several different application areas.

Our patented Dacuda SLAM Scan® Engine makes real time 2D and 3D scanning possible. Dacuda AG Switzerland - Scanning redefined.



We apply robotics algorithms in a unique way to enable real-time reconstruction of 3D objects. Our patented Dacuda SLAM Scan® engine processes images coming from ordinary RGB cameras and determines their exact position in 3D space. In parallel, we run a probabilistic depth reconstruction approach to form a 3D point cloud of an object. Thanks to real-time feedback, users can arbitrarily move the camera to capture an object, while viewing the capture from their movements in real-time. For the first time, the creation of 3D objects can be as simple as taking a video.

Our technology is based on decades of research in robotics and computer vision. We have a strong collaboration with leading research institutes, ETH Zurich and University of Zurich, to further advance our technology to new areas.

All of the intellectual property and patents are fully owned by Dacuda.



SLAM Scan® 3D is a software 3D camera technology that can scale existing 3D use cases to millions of smartphones. Check out our 3D food photography app 3DAround and stay tuned for details on our 3DSelfie app. With our SLAM Scan® 3D software camera, we are creating additional 3D use cases for millions of mobile phone users.


Dacuda LTL is the world’s high-resolution software solution for professional wide-angle photography. While moving the phone in a random pattern, LTL stitches images together seamlessly in real-time and creates a very high resolution wide angle image. Leading smartphone OEMs include Dacuda LTL as part of their native camera app.


Dacuda's technology also helps you to be more productive. Our SLAM Scan® engine is combined with powerful OCR, enabling instant editing of text and tables as well as scanning of large documents. SLAM Scan® is also available to boost the productivity of mobile device users, simply using the built-in camera to be faster and more accurate than typing. It powers the world's first scanning mouse as well as the Kickstarter sensation - PocketScan. 

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Rapid Input - MRZ

Dacuda's Rapid Input technology allows for the instant detection & extraction of MRZ information (Passport-, ID-, Drivers License-Information) in the fastest and most accurate manner of any MRZ reader currently on the market. The MRZ reader is compatible with passports and driver licenses from around the world. The easy to use interface, with both portrait and landscape support, guides the user with live feedback for best results. The entire solution functions entirely offline, making it ideal for almost any application. It has been built with compatibility in mind and integrates quickly and seamlessly into other applications.

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